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Eye Exam in Athens, GA

What is an eye exam?

An eye exam at Athens Eye Consultants includes the evaluation of your eyes and vision by a highly trained, board-certified ophthalmologist. These exams help Dr. Gadlin detect or rule out eye diseases, eye trauma, and vision problems to treat these conditions when needed.

What are the benefits of routine eye exams?

The main benefit of routine eye exams at Athens Eye Consultants is finding eye problems before they become serious health concerns. When left untreated, some eye diseases can permanently blind you. Treatments available at Athens Eye Consultants also improve your vision and reduce eye pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

What should I expect during my eye exam?

During eye exams at Athens Eye Consultants, Dr. Gadlin completes the following:

Medical history review

Dr. Gadlin reviews your medical history, eye health history, and symptoms. He also asks about your lifestyle, family history of disease, and the medicines you’re taking.

Vision testing

Dr. Gadlin tests your vision to discover possible problems associated with an eye disease. You might look through various lenses or read letters and numbers from an eye chart.

Eye exam

During an eye exam, Dr. Gadlin dilates your pupils using eye drops to look inside your eyes. He uses a light or magnifier to get an in-depth view of the structures of your eyes.

Eye tests

Dr. Gadlin also offers eye muscle tests, visual field testing, color vision testing, eye pressure tests, and a slit lamp exam. He can use imaging procedures to get a detailed look at your entire eye. You might need more specialized tests, but this will depend on your eye health, symptoms, and disease risk factors.


If you need treatment for an eye disease, Dr. Gadlin reviews your choices with you. He might recommend glasses, contact lenses, lifestyle changes, medication, eye drops, or minimally invasive eye surgery.

When should I schedule eye exams?

Dr. Gadlin lets you know when to schedule your next eye exam based on your age, risk factors, and the health of your eyes. You might need an eye exam every few years, every year, or less often if you have no eye or vision problems and are younger than 40.

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