Private Equity and Patient Care

Sep 27, 2022

Patient experience matters!

Athens Eye Consultants core belief is that the patient experience is paramount. People should not feel like a number, or cattle.

There is a trend in Ophthalmology for private equity firms to buy out practices, and then run them more efficiently/ruthlessly.  See the following link


I want to point out  there is nothing inherently wrong with premium procedures, as discussed in the article.  The problem is that patients are not being well informed of the pros and cons.  At Athens Eye Consultants, we pride ourselves on making the patient experience as pleasant and informative as possible.  We offer premium procedures with cataract surgery, but Dr. Gadlin is the one discussing the nuances, and the patient is well informed.  There is no assembly line here.  Please look at the reviews of our practice, for an insight to patient experiences.  We are very proud of those, and proud to not be a private equity run proactice.